Hi. I'm Evo.

    I'm a Podcast Hall of Famer, audio fiction addict, podcast strategist, ex-expat, author, and many other things. Welcome to me.

  • Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee - class of 2022

    On March 25, 2022, I had the distinct and humbling honor of being inducted into the Podcast Hall of Fame after nearly 18 years of being in the podcasting game.

    The End logo and some show covers

    Curating Audio Fiction with The End

    The End is my weekly newsletter that shines a light back on audio fiction—mostly in podcast form—when they've reached the (or at least a) conclusion.

    Simpler Media logo

    I make podcasts for businesses

    My podcast production company, Simpler Media, not only makes podcasts for businesses but also helps business owners understand why they should podcast and how they can incorporate podcasting to achieve their business goals

    Me and Sheila, soaked in Ranong, Thailand

    I Lived Abroad for a few years

    n 2015, my wife and I sold everything we owned to travel the world for a year. Fourteen countries later, we found ourselves happily living the ex-pat nomadic lifestyle in Thailand. We returned to Phoenix in the spring of 2018.

    Collage of book covers

    I've published a few books

    I've written and published a variety of non-fiction books over the years. Most notably—Podcasting for Dummies and The Beer Diet.

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    I'm mostly friendly.